Phra Pidta made by Tham Boon Wat Uttamaram. Bless with Tok Raja's Phra Pidta Katha and Tok Raja's 庙文明必达,据说该庙的经文之传给该庙的住持(不外传.----- There are so many fake Tok Raja's pidta in the market. Likewise, so many sources of story about the Tok Raja's Pidta. ----- Wat Uttamaram already clarified many years ago in the newspaper that how Tok Raja's Pidta look like and the qty made. ----- The best choice is to collect the Pidta made by Tham Boon. Easy to track. ----- All Pidta from Wat Uttamaram is good. Original Tok Raja's katha is passed down generation to generation. Nobody outside Wat Uttamaram will know that Katha.